Thursday, September 04, 2008


Ayahs of the Day:
It is not appropriate for a human being that God speak to him but by inspiration, or from behind the veil, or by sending a messenger to reveal, by divine permission, what is God's will, for God is sublime, supreme wise. And that is how We inspired you spiritually by Our order: you didn't know what scripture was, nor faith, but We made it a light to guide whomever We will among Our servants. So you are certainly showing the way to a straight path, the path of God, to whom belongs what is in the skies and what is on earth; indeed, all matters wind up with God. [42: 51,52,53]

Hadith of the Day:
Part of the perfection of a person's Islam is his leaving that which is no concern of him. [Tirmidhi]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Look upon those who rest in graves, how they amassed wealth, how they built lofty buildings. How high must their hopes be? But in vain. Their wealth has vanished, the buildings are rubble. Why do you not learn from these things? [Imam Ghazali]

Guidance of the Day:
No job is better than another; the important element is the awareness that we keep while doing the job. In fact, practicing in God's presence is our only real job, no matter what job it is. Our only real company is Truth, and it is God Incorporated.

We have all come to earth for a reason--------to learn the lessons that the earth has to teach, and to bless the world through sharing, through our being and our actions, what we have learned. To desist from action is to miss or delay our opportunity to bless, and to go into action with God in mind is to bring God directly into the world to serve it. Real meditation begins when you open your eyes. [Cohen, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore]

Food for Thought:
Teach me, O Lord, to put into action my better
impulses and make me straightforward and unafraid.
Grant that I may realize that it is the
trifling things of life that create
differences, that in the higher things we are all one.
And, O Lord, God, let me not forget to be kind!

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