Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ayahs of the Day:
And how many communities have We allowed to perish since Noah! For your Lord, all seeing, is well enough aware of the sins of mortals. And if any want the transitory, We will hasten for them what We will of it, to whomever We wish: then We will give them Hell, where they will burn, condemned and rejected. [17: 17,18]

Hadith of the Day:
O people! Make repentance unto Allah Most High. [Muslim]

Wise Quote of the Day:
O my son! Recite 'O my Lord forgive my sins, frequently.' For, there are certain hours during which Allah's special favors descend upon his slaves and everybody is granted whatever he asks from Allah Most High. [Luqman Hakeem]

Guidance of the Day:
How to make Repentance: Repentance is to confess to Allah Most High one's sins and to regret committing them. It is the firm resolve to discharge all the rights of others and other duties that are obligatory, but which have not been rendered. This intention should be made immediately, and thereafter the actual fulfillment of such rights and duties should be put into motion. Alternatively, the pardon of those whose rights were usurped should be obtained. When a sin has been committed, immediately perform two rak'as of prayer with the intention of repentance. One then has to offer repentance with both the tongue and heart. The repentance should be made fervently and vigorously. If one is unable to shed tears, then one's face should take on the appearance of a concerned and crying person while making repentance.

For the purpose of repentance, recall your sins and then offer repentance in profusion. However, do not reflect upon the sins committed nor make vigorous attempts to remember what sins had been committed, for this attitude will create a barrier between the one repenting and Allah Most High. This constitutes an obstacle on the path of love and progress. After having made sincere repentance, if previous sins come to mind, then renew the repentance. Do not be overly concerned about sins for which repentance has already been made. While making repentance, there should be a degree of moderation in mentioning the sins. There is no need to recite a whole list of sins while making repentance. Seek forgiveness for all sins in general. According to a hadith one should say, "and I repent even sins that You are more aware of" , And, "I repent of sins that I am aware of and sins that I am unaware of."

Pondering sins is a waste of time and a diversion from the remembrance of Allah. However, one should make special repentance for sins that one recalls automatically. The real goal is Allah Most High and not the remembrance of sins, nor the remembrance of acts of obedience. The purpose of remembering sins is to offer repentance. Hence, once repentance has been made, one should not deliberately and consciously ponder sins, thereby making such remembrance a definite purpose, because this will engender the idea that Allah Most High is displeased with one, and this is a dangerous idea.

Acquiring Repentance: Remember and reflect upon the warnings sounded in the Quran and hadith with regard to sins. The pang of regret that enters the heart as a result of such reflection is repentance. [The Path of Perfection]

Food for Thought:
It is a sign of maturity when we stop asking, "What does life have in store for me?" And start asking, "What am I doing with my life?"

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