Thursday, February 09, 2006


Ayahs of the Day:
God created the heavens and the earth rightly; God is exalted above the associations they attribute. God created the human being from a drop; and lo he is an open antagonist! [16: 3,4]

Hadith of the Day:
Cursing a believer is like killing him/her. [Bukhari]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Spiritual journeying is with two wings; that is through having firm belief in the truths of faith and carrying out the religious obligations. If there is defect in these two wings, the way cannot be traversed. [Imam Rabbani]

Guidance of the Day:
Life is only a test. When you look at life and its many challenges as a test, or series of tests, you begin to see each issue you face as an opportunity to grow, a chance to roll with the punches. Whether you're being bombarded with problems, responsibilities, even unsurmountable hurdles, when looked at it as a test, you always have a chance to succeed, in the sense of rising above that which is challenging you. If, on the other hand, you see each new issue you face as a serious battle that must be won in order to survive, you're probably in for a very rocky journey. The only time you're likely to be happy is when everything is working out just right. And we all know how often that happens.

As an experiment, see if you can apply this idea to something you are forced to deal with. Perhaps you have a difficult teenager or a demanding boss. See if you can redefine the issue you face from being a "problem" to being a test. Rather than struggling with your issue, see if there is something you can learn from it. Ask yourself, "Why is this issue in my life? What would it mean and what would be involved to rise above it? could I possibly look at this issue any differently? Can I see it as a test of some kind?"

If you give this strategy a try you may be surprised at your changed responses. Our real challenge is to see our struggle as a test. Seeing the issues as a test will ultimately help us to cope with biggest personal frustrations. It will become far more acceptable to us to accept things as they are. [Don't Sweat The Small Stuff]

Du'a of the Week:
Allahumma inni a'udhubika mina'l-jubni, wa'l bukhl, wa a'udhubika min ghalabati'd-dayni wa qahri'r-rijal. (O Allah! I seek Your protection from cowardice and avarice, and I seek Your protection from the stress of debts and the tyranny of men).

Food for Thought:
We came here because the earth is abundant and alive--a rich, rich field of lessons for us to learn. Even when people tell you there isn't any hope, there is. There is always hope, purpose, and a new magical lesson.

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