Friday, February 03, 2006


Ayahs of the Day:
And We only created the heavens and the earth and everything in between them for justice; and since the end of time is sure to come, then forgive with gracious forgiveness. It is your Lord who is the Absolute Creator, the Omniscient One. [15: 85,86]

Hadith of the Day:
The wind is from the spirit of Allah and comes either with mercy or punishment. So do not curse it, but rather ask Allah for its good and seek refuge in Him from its evil. [Bukhari]

Wise quote of the Day:
Wisdom takes root in the heart only when dunya and its trappings have been uprooted from it. [Abu Ali Daqaq]

Guidance of the Day:
Surrender to the fact that life isn't fair. It's a bummer, it's absolutely true. Ironically, recognizing this sobering fact can be a very liberating insight. One of the mistakes many of us make is that we feel sorry for ourselves, or for others, thinking that life should be fair, or that someday it will be. It's not and it won't. When we make this mistake we tend to spend a lot of time wallowing and/or complaining about what's wrong with life.

One of the nice things about surrendering to the fact that life isn't fair is that it keeps us from feeling sorry for our selves by encouraging us to do the very best we can with what we have. We know it's not "life's job" to make everything perfect, it's our own challenge. Surrendering to this fact also keeps us from feeling sorry for others because we are reminded that everyone is dealt a different hand, and everyone has unique strengths and challenges.

The fact that life isn't fair doesn't mean we shouldn't do everything in our power to improve our own lives or the world as a whole. To the contrary, it suggests that we should. When we don't recognize or admit that life isn't fair, we tend to feel pity for others and ourselves. Pity, ofcourse, is a self defeating emotion that does nothing for anyone, except to make everyone feel worse than they already do. When we do recognize that life isn't fair, however, we feel compassion for others and for ourselves. And compassion is a heartfelt emotion that delivers loving-kindness to everyone it touches. The next time you find yourself thinking about the injustices of the world, try reminding yourself of this basic fact. You may be surprised that it can nudge you out of self-pity and into helpful action. [Don't Sweat The Small Stuff]

Food for Thought:
Whether it be an argument with your spouse, child, or boss, a mistake, a lost opportunity, a work related rejection, or a sprained ankle, ask yourself the question, "Will this matter a year from now?" Chances are a year from now you aren't going to care. It will be one more irrelevant detail in your life!

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