Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ayahs of the Day:
The society of the city of stone repudiated the messengers too: We gave them Our signs, but they turned away from them. They used to carve secure buildings in the mountains, but the blast overtook them one morning, and all they had acquired was of no avail to them. [15: 80 to 84]

Hadith of the Day:
Your prayers will be answered if you do not pray for what is sinful, for the severance of family relations, or grow impatient and say, 'I prayed, but my prayers were not answered.' In these cases, your prayers are wasted. [Bukhari & Muslim]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Those who are drowning in this-worldly find that even their friendships evaporate with the most petty things. [Ali radi Allah anhu]

Guidance of the Day:
Create "Patience Practice Periods." Patience is a quality of heart which can be greatly enhanced with deliberate practice. An effective way to deepen the patience is to create actual practice periods. Life itself becomes a classroom, and the curriculum is patience. You can start with as little as five minutes and build up your capacity for patience, over time. Start by saying to yourself, "Okay, for the next five minutes I won't allow myself to be bothered by anything. I'll be patient." What you'll discover is truly amazing.

Your intention to be patient, especially if you know it's only for a short while, immediately strengthens your capacity for patience. Patience is one of those special qualities where success feeds on itself. Once you reach little milestones--five minutes of successful patience--you will begin to see that you do, indeed, have the capacity to be patient, even for longer periods of time. Over time, you may even become a patient person.

Being patient allows me to keep my perspective. I can remember, even in the midst of a difficult situation, that what's before me--my present challenge--isn't "life or death" but simply a minor obstacle that must be dealt with. Without patience, the same scenario can become a major emergency complete with yelling, frustration, hurt feelings, and high blood pressure. It's really not worth all that. Whether you're needing to deal with children, your boss, or a difficult person or situation--if you don't want to "sweat the small stuff," improving your patience level is a great way to start. [Don't Sweat The Small Stuff]

Food for Thought:
Consistency is better than burning yourself out, and leaving the endeavor altogether.

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