Monday, September 03, 2018

Pearls from the khutba in Arafat....2

1. Our death and meeting with our Creator is approaching and yet our biggest
worries are about the petty things of this world.

2. Soon we will just be a memory for people, and a lesson for others. We need
to try our best to be a positive influence and a good lesson for people around us.

3. Just imagine how many people were here with us last year, but no longer with
us now. Our turn is soon approaching, may Allah allow us to prepare for it.

4. We walk with our heads high up in the sky, heedless that one day we will be
trapped six feet under the ground.

5. How do we expect to get the Paradise without working for it in this world.
That is like expecting to pass an exam we never took a class for.

6. A believer may be penniless, homeless, unemployed, sick and feel like
he has nothing, but he has One thing -- he has Allah.

7. Allah knows what we want, what we need, what we deserve. We need
to trust Him, and know that His decisions are best for His creation, He
knows while we don't.

8. We need to make Qur'an our companion and a part of our life. We shouldn't
become a stranger to it. It is like a friend, the longer the friendship the more
we will know of its secrets.

9. We wouldn't throw away a diamond to pick up a rock, then how can we
throw away the Paradise by chasing after the worldly.

10. We only appreciate blessings after we lose them. The time of this world
 is the most precious thing we have to earn our Paradise, we need to make
the most of our time and not waste it.

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