Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pearls from the khutba in Arafat....

1. Surround yourself with Muslims who practice the Deen. They are your true friends in this life and
the hereafter.

2. Not every body is out there to judge you, there are some who want the best for you and want to
help you get into Al-Jannah, value them.

3. Indeed, a friend who doesn't care about your Aakhirah (after life) is not really your friend.

4. Sometimes the hardest person for you to correct is yourself. There is no shame in being wrong,
the shame is in choosing to stay on the wrong path.

5. Whatever takes you closer to Allah, takes you away from Hellfire. Whatever takes you away
from Allah, takes you closer to Hellfire.

6. We all take tomorrow for granted because we believe tomorrow will always be there. Tomorrow
may be there, but we may not!

7. Who said tomorrow is guaranteed? Make the best use of today that you are blessed with.

8. Yesterday many thought that they would see today, and today many will think they will see

9. Death could be tonight, in the next hour, the next second, yet we live as if we still have
so many years to live.

10. You may be rich, famous or have a high status in this world, but to the Angel of death
you are just another name on the list.

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