Friday, February 20, 2015

Limitless Praise due to the One and Only (part 2)

Oh Forgiving! Grant a turning away (from the wrong action) to which will undo
what happened in early years.

Increase us in blessing, light and unveiling, and strengthen us in guidance,
with idhn (permission) and secret.

Support us in words and deeds, and make our provision easy for us from
where we know not!

Here are we standing at the door of favor, waiting without hardship for the
Beloved to turn to us.

Swiftly, send us Your ease, oh Answerer, for You are the possessor of
generosity, liberality and goodness.

Your Bounty exists without existence, and Your Generosity pour down on
us, undenied.

Give us success in the thankfulness which is our duty and which itself
calls for increase from You without loss  to us.

Free us from the prison of our bodies and raise us up to the  presence of
the spirits as a reward for our gratitude. [Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib]

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