Friday, November 11, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 321

1. We must go through the fire of self-mortification and purge ourselves from self's pollution.

2. Nothing is of greater merit in this world of afflictions than a good disposition.

3. From good disposition good manners arise.

4. Good manners are forbearance with the ill-mannerly people.

5. Whatever gloom and grief comes upon us is the result of our insolence, that is, of flouting religious injunctions; it is the result of our indiscipline.

6. Abstinence is the result of piety. It involves abstaining from what the Lord has forbidden. It also involves abstaining from everything except God.

7. Full abstinence cannot be achieved so long as desire is not renounced.

8. Exertion is necessary in our daily life as well as on the spiritual path.

9. Envy is the worst of all evils. Pride and envy led Satan to disobey the Lord's command to bow to Adam and caused his expulsion from Paradise.

10. Trust in God is an important station on the spiritual path. The elect do not tremble for fear of hunger -- in trust in God, they live full-fed. [Above quotes by Mawlana Rumi]

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