Friday, July 29, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 313

1. When trouble and suffering come upon you, accept them and do not complain.

2. Seek a simple and humble life and be happy and content with it.

3. The eyes that shine with the light of Allah will give light to the eyes that look upon them.

4. Beware of your states, count each breath and every moment of time allotted to you -- let it not go to waste.

5. Listen and be respectful and humble in the presence of those who remember and call upon Allah.

6. In generosity and benevolence, follow the example of the holy Prophet (sws).

7. Accept the Truth from those who preach it -- to be humble is to accept the Truth.

8. Expel all self-approval and pride from your being and envy is a dreadful thing that you should flee from.

9. Be more occupied with your inner state than with your outer state -- for the inner state is what Allah looks at.

10. Show respect to the devout, show kindness to the sinful, do not cause discomfort to anyone; let your outer self be the same as your inner self. [Above quotes by Abu Abdul Rahman al Sulami]

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