Friday, July 15, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 312

1. Bring joy into the lives of believers and meet their needs, respond cruelty with kindness.

2. Love each other and meet each other for Allah's sake.

3. Remember that you are a servant of Allah -- humble yourself and do not regard yourself and your actions as significant.

4. Repent ceaselessly, with the strongest will not to return to the sin -- for only then is the repentance acceptable.

5. By loving the ones whom Allah loves, you attract His love for yourself.

6. Retain the fear of Allah both inwardly and outwardly.

7. Fast-- for hunger is a protection against the Devil.

8. The effect of remembrance of Allah (dhikr) inwardly is acceptance (rida) with the Divine decree, and outwardly is humility (khushu) and piety (taqwa).

9. Education of the heart is through safeguarding the limbs and sense organs.

10. Forgive -- even though you may have the power to retaliate; instead of seeking the faults of others, look for your own faults. [Above quotes by Abu Abdul Rahman al Sulami]

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As Salamu Alykum
Right after fajar salat, and reading the Holy Qu'ran, I read LESSONS OF THE DAY 311,312,313. and my whole day goes so peaceful, and I find myself with a happy heart heart may Allah bless all mankind salam alykum Sis.Maryam