Friday, July 01, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 311

1. There is nothing more noble than servitude, nor is there a more perfect title for the believer than 'slave'.

2. Just as 'Lordship' is eternal quality of God, so is 'servitude' a quality of man that stays with Him as long as he lives.

3. Shame means abandoning all pretensions before God.

4. Sincerity is guarding oneself from the opinions of men and truthfulness is cleansing oneself of awareness of self.

5. The sincere one is not hypocritical, and the truthful one is not conceited.

6. Truthfulness is that you be with people just as you perceive yourself to be or that you perceive yourself to be just as you are.

7. God will beautify the inner faculties with contemplation for one who adorns his outer being with striving.

8. Whoever refrains from speaking the truth is a mute devil.

9. It is best that a person be given enough wealth to sustain him and then he maintains himself within those limits.

10. The one who humbles himself before a rich person on account of his wealth loses two thirds of his religion. [Above quotes by Shaykh Abu ad Daqqaq]


Student of Knowledge said...

I would be delighted if Hafiza Iffath can reply:

Where do you get these food for thoughts? Can you tell me the names of the books if they are in arabic by our scholars?

student said...

The name of the scholar is written at the end of the post.