Friday, April 29, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 307

1. Poverty is -- fear of poverty; and wealth is -- security with God Most High.

2. Neither poverty nor wealth will carry any weight on the Day of reckoning -- only patience and thankfulness will be weighed.

3. External abstaining is that there be no outward movement except for God Most High, and internal abstaining is that nothing other than God enter your heart.

4. Poor son of Adam, if he feared the Fire as much as he fears poverty, he would enter Paradise.

5. Death is like the bridge that joins the devotee to his beloved Lord.

6. To worry about the affairs of the past and to be preoccupied with the affairs of the future takes the blessing out of life.

7. The secret of success in the pursuit of the Spiritual Path is to depend entirely upon the Lord of the Universe.

8. Whoever feels joy in serving Allah will see that the whole material world feels joy in serving him.

9. The eyes that shine with the light of Allah will give light to the eyes that look upon them.

10. Every benefaction from God necessitates gratitude, and this is without end.

11. Strengthen your outer self with prayer and your inner self with remembrance of Allah.

12. Allah created man's soul and made its life dependent on remembrance; He created man's flesh and made its life dependent on prayer.

13. Allah created the world, and protection from its dangers is possible only by abandoning it (except for one's needs); He created the Hereafter and made it possible to benefit from it only by working for it. [Above quotes by Shaykh Yahya bin Ma'adh Razi]

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