Friday, April 15, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 305

1. Adorer of God is His lover and whom He makes His lover -- doors of blessedness are made open to him and doors of evil are shut to him.

2. Immodest talks are signs of going astray, and to remain conscious is the sign of knowing the Truth.

3. Quest of Paradise without good deeds, hope for intersession without following the sunna, and hope for Divine blessing after disobedience (without sincere repentance) is foolishness.

4. Those who attain the true knowledge of God, live in eternal peace.

5. He who trusts in God remains secure from the evils of the people.

6. The affliction and calamity from which people should flee is heedlessness.

7. Satan loves the miser Muslim and hates the generous sinner.

8. Idol worship is outer polytheism and trust in the creation is inner infidelity.

9. The solution for the worldly tribulations is nearness to Allah Almighty. [Above quotes by Shaykh Ma'ruf al Kharkhi]

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