Friday, April 22, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 306

1. The sign of vigilant awareness is choosing what God chooses, making great what God makes great, and belittling what God belittles.

2. The signs of satisfaction are -- having no preference before divine decree, and feeling no bitterness toward the divine decree.

3. Certainty (in the Hereafter) calls one to cut short worldly expectations -- which results in renunciation, renunciation bequeaths wisdom, wisdom bequeaths discernment of the outcome.

4. Servitude is that you be His slave every instant just as He is your Lord every instant.

5. Truthfulness is a sword of God -- whenever it meets with something it cuts it apart.

6. Protection of the heart is for the one who is most in possession of his tongue.

7. Whoever is busy looking for the faults of others is blinded to his own faults.

8. One who is content is saved from his contemporaries and prevails over all.

9. The key to worship is reflection -- the sign of attaining the goal is opposing the self and base desires.

10. The sign of God's displeasure with a servant is that the servant fears poverty. [Above quotes by Shaykh Dhun Nun al Misri]

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