Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 303

1. Renunciation of the world is reduction of hope for worldly gain -- it is not eating coarse foods or wearing a rough cloak.

2. Flesh eaters are those who backbite -- they eat human flesh.

3. Certainty is that every affliction be considered sent by Allah.

4. Be warned of being envious of the higher rank of any Muslim -- for it is a sign of ingratitude to Allah.

5. Be warned of ignoring warnings of God Most High and express dejection of His promises -- for it causes infidelity.

6. Sell not the friendship of the Lord for the friendship of the world and its possessions.

7. Worse than sin against God is sin against man.

8. For the people of the world sleep is more profitable than keeping awake -- for then they keep off worldly discourses during sleep. [Above quotes by Sufyan al Thawri radi Allah anhu]

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