Friday, November 12, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 283

The superiority of amassing knowledge over wealth is that:

1. The knowledge will look after you, but you must look after the wealth.

2. While wealth is what was left behind by the likes of Fir'aun and Hamaan, knowledge is the inherited legacy of the Prophets themselves.

3. Spending wealth only diminishes it, whereas spending knowledge increases it.

4. Holding to the wealth over an extended period of time decreases its value, whereas no such harm can comes to knowledge.

5. There is always a fear that wealth might get stolen or lost, not so with knowledge.

6. The possessor of wealth may be known as a miser, whereas the possessor of knowledge can only be known as generous.

7. Wealth tends to create enemies, whereas knowledge tends to warm hearts.

8. Fir'aun's vast wealth caused him to say "Truly I am deserving of your worship." whereas the Prophet's (peace be upon him) vast knowledge caused him to say, " Truly we have not worshiped You (O'Allah) as you deserve to be worshiped.

9. Knowledge results in the heart's illumination, whereas wealth results in its agitation.

10. On the Day of Reckoning it is your wealth you will have to be answerable for not your knowledge. [Above quotes by Ali radi Allah anhu]


Anonymous said...

Salaam aleykum,

I wanted to know where the quotes of Ali radia Allahu anhu were taken from??? which reference pleasssse??

iffath said...

Walaikum us salam wa rahmatullah,

Most of the quotes of Ali radi Allah anhu are from "Living and dying in grace" by Thomas cleary.

Some I have translated from some other books in Urdu.

JazakAllah khair