Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ayah of the Day:
Those who repent, those who serve, those who praise, those who bow, those who journey and fast, those who prostrate themselves, those who enjoin good and forbid evil, and those who keep the ordinances of God: announce the good news to the believers. [9: 112]

Hadith of the Day:
God shall remove the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies and cast the weakness into your yours, as a result of the disease called wahn; meaning the love of this world and the aversion of death. [Abu dawud, Ahmad]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Reckon yourself before you are reckoned and weigh yourself before you are weighed. [Omar radi Allah anhu]

Guidance of the Day:
Know that a large proportion of those who suffer an evil end consists of people who neglect their obligatory ritual Prayer and Zakat, ferret out the hidden faults of other Muslims, and who cheat when giving measure and weight (Quran,11:84), and deceive, defraud, and delude other Muslims in matters of religion.

Similar are those who detract from the Prophetic Sunna, and call for a reduction in its status by creating suspicions and doubts about it, despite the fact that it is the greatest collection of Prophetic literature in the human history. No Prophet has had so much preserved of his sayings, acts, and states as our Prophet Mohammad (may blessings and peace be upon him). The Sunna contains an unrivaled collection of legislation, social organization, extraordinary concepts, and comprehensive sciences.

The Sunna consists of the sayings, acts, and approvals of the Messenger of God (May God's blessings and peace be upon him and his family). The Sunna is a clarification and an explanation of the Qur'an.The Prophet (may blessings and peace be upon him) elucidated and explained in detail, in his words, deeds. and approval or disapproval of other people's acts, what had been sent forth in more general terms in the Book. The obedient servant who follows the example of the Greatest Beloved (may God's blessings and peace be upon him), becomes beloved by God, by virtue of his love of His Beloved. [Key to the GARDEN}

Food for Thought:

A person with a reservoir of knowledge is not well educated unless they know when to turn the spigot off and on. There is no need to show your ability before everyone.

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