Thursday, August 04, 2005


Ayahs of the Day:
Then God sent down divine peace upon the messenger of God, and on the believers, and sent down forces you did not see, and punished those who scoffed; and that is the reward of the atheists. Then God will turn after that to whomever God wishes to turn; for God is most forgiving, most merciful. [9: 26, 27]

Hadith of the Day:
A believer is his brother's mirror. If he sees something wrong in it, he fixes it. [Bukhari]

Wise Quote of the Day:
To gain even a little certainty is better than that the world contains; for this is an increase which draws one to the eternal abode. [Dhunnun al Misri]

Guidance of the Day:
As people grow up and leave home, sibling relationships take a back-seat to other bonds like marriage, friendship, and parenthood. But as we approach middle age, two things typically happen that bring our siblings back into the forefront of our lives. First, our parents grow old, requiring siblings to come together around such issues as long-term care, their parents' end of life decisions, and healing from the grief of a parent's death.

And, second, we start to think more deeply about the stories of our own lives: how our childhood relationships with parents and brothers and sisters affected us; what the bonds of extended family mean to us today. Our adult relationship with our siblings loom large as we grapple with these issues and questions. We reach a new level of understanding and a much more respectful relationship. It's definitely a work in progress. And keeping the lines of communication open will continue to be important.

We can't accept our differences until we acknowledge what those differences are. Then, if we decide to strengthen our connections despite our differences, we can express that desire to one another, creating a much deeper, more meaningful relationship. [The Relationship Cure]

Food for Thought:
Even when opportunity knocks, a person must get off his seat to open the door. The only big thing achieved in life without effort is failure. All glory comes from daring to begin.

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