Sunday, April 05, 2020

Allah Almighty Says:

Try to walk on My Way,
I will make all the ways easy for you.

Try to spend your wealth in My Way,
I will open oceans of treasures for you.

Try to leave your will for Me,
I will make your desired destiny for you.

Try to bear pain in My Way,
I will open the doors of care for you.

Try to believe in Me,
I will make sincere friends for you.

Try to be Mine,
I will make everyone for you.


Anonymous said...

Jajakallh Khair, I found your website from a book in Bangladesh named " Dua Kobuler Golpogulo ".

Unknown said...

Excellent poem

Unknown said...

Same to you

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I found this beautiful website in a Bengali book named 'Dua kobul er golpogulo - দোয়া কবুল এর গল্প গুলো।