Monday, May 28, 2018

Reformation of family life -- 3

Islamic Upbringing of Children

These are summary of lecture series @ Islamic Center of Fremont, CA
by Mufti Muddassir Owais.

1. Parents must make an effort to understand their children well.
Each child is different.

2. Don't reprimand elder kids in front of younger kids.

3. Try to find out root cause for everything that might seem wrong
in your children. Ponder over where that came from.

4. Talk to children to understand where the bad habits are coming

5. Talk at the level of the child.

6. Have at least one meal together as a family.

7. Talk to have a conversation during meal.

8. Try to instill the love of Allah, the love of the Prophet (peace
and blessings upon him), and the love of the family of the Prophet.

9. Teach the children to ponder and meditate over:
Allah is with me, Allah is watching me, Allah is present with me.

10. Parents should realize that their children are a blessing as
well as a test for them.

11. Increase shukr and sabr, make your life an example, improve
relationship with each other, correct the environment at home
through kindness, love and respect for each other.

May Almighty Allah make it easy and grant us success, ameen.