Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Reality of Life

Life is a journey and death is not the end.

No human being ever created will ever cease to exist: we were created for eternity.

This life is brief, the next life is forever.

Everything in life is a test. All our deeds, good or bad, will remain with us for eternity.

The material possessions will remain in this world and be inherited by others who may fight over it after we are gone.

We need to prioritize our life and work for our the Akhirah and not just chase after the Dunia.

Although we live in this world and have to raise families and earn our living, we shouldn't get attached to it.

The next life is eternal thus we need to be ever more concerned about how we would be there: whether we'll have a nice house in Jannah or not?

Let us prepare ourselves for the 'real life' that is to come, without wasting a single moment.

let us be prepared for our deaths before it catches up with us -- when we are unaware.

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Ameer said...

Ameen Summah Ameen that we all have beautiful homes that are ever-lasting in the highest of Jannah! May Allah (SWT) Bless you for these beautiful reminders, and may we all have a full and complete recharge in the Blessed of days about to begin. Please remember us in your dua's!