Monday, December 23, 2013

The true understanding of intellect and knowledge....

Any intellect which does not have three things is overpowered by lust:

1. To give preference to obedience (to Allah Most High) over disobedience.

2. To give preference to knowledge over ignorance.

3. To give preference to Islam over this world.

Any knowledge that does not have three things is even worse:

1. Abstaining from harm by severing desire.

2. Presence of deeds with fear.

3. Meting out justice through generosity and mercy.

An intellect that is overpowered by lust is an intellect that deludes the person. It causes him to look at evil as being something good and vise versa.

No one has been embellished with anything better than intellect. And no one has worn a garment more beautiful than knowledge. This is because Allah Most High can only be truly recognized through the intellect. And He can only be truly obeyed through knowledge.

The great Tabai'i Urwa bin Zubayr (may Allah has mercy on him) said: "The best thing that the servants are given in this world is intellect, and the best thing they are given in the hereafter is the pleasure of Allah Most High." [Imam Harith al Muhasibi]

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