Friday, October 25, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom 340

1. If you are sensible, count yourself among the people of the fire (of Hell), because this will encourage you to improve your conduct. If you are in fact one of the people of the Garden (of Paradise), you will have demonstrated your gratitude to  Him.

2. Your ultimate destination is uncertain, so do not over estimate the purity of your spiritual state.

3. If you are still alive in the morning, do not take evening for granted, and if you are here when evening comes, do not take the next morning for granted.

4. Yesterday is past and gone with everything it contained, to be a witness for you or against you. As for tomorrow, you do not know whether you will survive till then or not. The proof of your heedlessness is your addiction to foolish company.

5. To deserve the company of your Lord, you must carry out His commandments, observe His prohibitions and comply with His wishes by accepting whatever has been decreed by Him.

6. In preserving the integrity of the heart there is indeed a job to keep one fully occupied.

7. One tiny fraction of the deeds of the heart is a thousand times better than all the deeds of the outer limbs.

8. How great is the loss of those who waste their time in the shops of greedy ambition, expectation and reputation! Your inner being will surely die, and your heart will turn dark.

9. If someone tries to worship Allah in a state of ignorance, he will do more harm than good. You must take along with you the lantern of your Lord's sacred law. By the light of law, you will enter into the domain of knowledge. [Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jillani]

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