Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eid Mubarak!!!!

In the Company of Prophets.

"To have just met Adam, I would give sixty cubits of gold,
Again and again, and over again, many times, manifold.

To have just met Enoch (Idris), I would give silk to cover the heavens,
Spread out, draped through the trees and rivers, covering all seven.

To have just met Noah, I would give the seas and oceans,
With their powerful waves and endless motion.

To have just met Hud, I would give the grandest mansions and towers,
Of the finest design, surrounded by gardens and daintiest flowers.

To have just met Saleh, I would give jets, horses, cars, and camels,
The fastest, gaudiest, priciest, with seats and saddles enameled.

To have just met Abraham, I would give my intelligence, sanity,
For surely, thereafter, I would lose to insanity.

To have just met Lot, I would give salt, sugar, and spices,
Cinnamon, cloves, saffron: so much to exceed all prices.

To have just met Ishmael, I would build mosques truly grand,
To cover every inch of this Earth’s land.

To have just met Isaac, I would sacrifice every ram,
Goat, horse, elephant, cow, and even clam.

To have just met Jacob (Yaqub), I would give my sight,
For certainly, thereafter, I could see much more light.

To have just met Joseph, I would give the sun, moon, and stars,
And along with them the cycles of Nisan to Adar.

To have just met Job (Ayub), I would suffer the most terrible illness,
Waiting for God’s salvation in endless quiet stillness.

To have just met Jethro [Shu’aib], I would give all to charity,
From the smallest particle to the priciest rarity.

To have just met Aaron (Harun), I would abandon speech,
Yet turn to God, and in silence beseech.

To have just met Moses, I would give the mountains,
With gushing geysers, and sparkling fountains.

To have just met David, I would give the elements,
From the toughest diamond to the thinnest filament.

To have just met Solomon, I would give every bird,
Peacocks, parrots, falcons, and penguins, furred.

To have just met Elijah [Ilyas], I would preach the Way of God,
Night and day, so we could discard all frauds.

To have just met Elisha [Alyasa’], I would give the most exceptional art,
So that I could, then, return with a purer heart.

To have just met Jonah (Yunus), I would give every pearl,
From the depths of the sea, worthy of queens and earls.

To have just met Ezekiel [Dhulkifl], I would give the newer inventions,
Given us by God, for none is from apprehension.

To have just met Zechariah, I would fast year round,
Even if around me, there were delicacies abound.

To have just met John, I would purify myself completely,
So as to present myself purely and neatly.

To have just met Jesus, I would suffer great persecution,
So that, by God’s mercy I would not suffer devolution.

To have just met Muhammad, I would give the heavens and earth and that therein,
He marked the end of Revelation and marked where the end did begin.

To have met just one prophet, would be this world’s greatest blessing,
They were the same message spreading, the same belief professing. "


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