Monday, April 08, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom 328

1. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq once said, "This world is transitory and our life therein but a moment borrowed, our breaths numbered, yet our indifference reckless."

2. Being observant of God is an act of devotion toward God. Sleep is an act of God drawing us near. That which is conferred upon us by God without our choice is positively superior to that which we send to Him. Sleep therefore is a wonderful gift of God bestowed upon His creatures.

3. Those loved by God are held in contempt by the vulgar, and those who deem themselves virtuous may not be so in the eyes of God. Public ridicule is the very sustenance of the chosen of God. They rejoice in it, just as others rejoice in popularity, for they know that it is a sign  that they are close to Him. As God said, "My chosen are hidden under My cloak. Besides Me, only the elect know who they are."

4. Once Ibrahim bin Adham saw a stone with the inscription, "Turn me over and read!" When he did an inscription appeared: "You do not practice what you know. Why do you seek what you do not know?"

5. God fills the hearts of those who love Him with peace, thus enabling them to endure afflictions with ease. And they also plead, "We shall bear every torment (of this world) with joy, but never shall we be able to endure being separated from You. When Your Magnificence illumines our hearts, all our pain, our sorrows seem meaningless and vanish. [Shaykh Ali al Hujwiri]

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