Monday, October 01, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom 318

1. God said,  "Do not take offense at their ridicule,
    for they are not your followers.  Your true friends
    hide behind the divine bounty, and entreat for
    you steadily. In good health all of them are your
    friends, but in the hour of pain all depart. God
    is your only friend."

2. Water said to the defiled, "Hurry come to me."
    The defiled replied, "But I feel ashamed before
    the water."
    Water said, "But without me how will you wash
    your shame? How will your filth be removed?"
    Shame hinders the faith of the tainted who hide
    from the water.

3. The divine breath came, saw you, and departed.
     It gave life to whom it would and departed.
    Another breath arrived.
    Be heedful; do not miss this chance.
    It extinguished the fire of the soul on fire
    and gave the dead soul vitality and life.

4. I said, "Many a tear I shed in separation from you."
    He replied, "Why grieve? Every tear will be turned
    into precious pearl."
    I said, "Many a night I have lain awake."
    He replied, "For every such night you shall gain
    hundred nights."

5. They possess free will and confinement alike.
     Like raindrops they become pearls inside the
     oyster shell. Mere raindrops outside the shell,
     inside they become precious pearls. [Mawlana Rumi]

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