Friday, September 28, 2012


Ayahs of the day:
Our Lord, do not let our hearts to deviate after You have guided us. And give us mercy from Yourself; for You are most generous. [3: 8]

Hadith of the day:
Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt. Truthfulness brings tranquility while lying sows doubts. [ Tirmidhi]

Wise quote of the day:
One's worldly abstinence is commensurate with one's longing for the world to come. The abstinent and contented one is only he who is contented and thankful with the divine decree. [Fudhail ibn Iyaadh]

Guidance of the day:
Be steadfast in obeying you Lord. Make your acts of obedience frequent, patiently persevere and be sincere in doing so, then persist until you meet Him -- at which time He will satisfy you, be pleased with you, and admit you to His abode of honor.

Desist from disobedience. Repent to your Lord from it before death overtakes you and you meet your Lord in a filthy and vile condition. Never feel secure, should you not hasten to repent from your disobedience, God may send down some punishment upon you, for the disobedient to their Lord are ever expose to that. [Counsels of Religion by Imam al Haddad]

Food for thought:
Five simple rules to achieve happiness:
1. Free you heart from hatred -- forgive.
2. Free you mind from worries -- most never happen.
3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

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