Monday, September 03, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom....346

1. The saints are My children in exile,
    torn away from My dominion and glory.
    Despised and alone they endure their trials;
    in secret I am their intimate friend.

2. Why should I grieve because of a thorn?
    Once it made laughter known to me.
   Whatever you lost through the stroke of destiny,
   know it was to save you from adversity.
   One small affliction off greater afflictions;
   one small loss prevents greater loses.

3. Are you oblivious of the bounty of God who
    invites you to come yonder?
    The whole world of six directions is brimming
    with His bounty. Wherever you turn, His munificence
    is manifest.

4. Practice patience; it is the essence of praise.
    Have patience, for that is true worship.
    No other worship is worth as much.
    Have patience; patience is the key to all relief.

5. I am a bridge across the ocean for my devotees,
    but become a dragon for the Pharaoh.
    Rejoice, O lovers, entreat God.
   The same door has been opened again.
   The fruit is beckoning, "Eat of me."
   The water of life is inviting, "Drink of me."

6. Bitter is made sweet through love;
    copper becomes gold through love.
    Through love dregs become clear;
    love heals all pain.
   Through love the king becomes slave;
    love brings the dead to life. [Mawlana Rumi]