Friday, October 12, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom 319

1. The Prophet said that God has said,
    "I cannot be contained in hallowed places.
    Heaven and earth cannot hold Me.
    But I am contained by true hearts.
    If you seek Me, search in those hearts."

2. To know your own illness is the proper remedy.
    When you repent you feel humility.
    That is the time to obey the Prophet's command
    "Have mercy." Why do you presume to be safe
     and fortunate. Don't you remember God's salace,
    "Do not fear"?

3. The Prophet said to Ali, "You may be the Lion of
    God, but depend not on valor alone. Learn to
    blossom under the shade of hope. Rejoice in the
    Sage who cannot be beguiled from the way.

4. I am the orchard; You the rain.
    Only I need You twenty times more.
    Rejoicing in You a beggar receives victuals
    without any means or resistance.
    We are the fishes; You the ocean of life.
    We live by Your favor, O Exalted of All.

5. His miracles are countless,
    the waves of His bounty tide upon tide.
    These and a hundred times as many miracles
    allow the light of His face
    to shine inside and out.

6. When your heart is dark as iron,
    steadily polish yourself
    that the heart may become a mirror,
    a beautiful shine reflecting from within.
    Although iron is dark and dismal,
    polishing clears the darkness away.  [Mawlana Rumi]

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