Friday, March 09, 2012

Pearls of wisdom 332

1. Treat all in a good way in the belief that they are God's creation.

2. Always abide by the rights of God and the rights of man.

3. God has bestowed on you His infinite blessings -- hence always follow His commands.

4. Establish links with Him, He is all forgiveness.

5. Abandon not the path of righteousness.

6. You will be asked about the deeds, and the relations you maintained with mankind.

7. Sovereignty belongs to Him -- He has granted you a lot and can take all away if He so desires.

8. Strictly observe Akhlaq- Husna (the code of nobility and proper conduct).

9. One should always ponder over the purpose for which he came in this world, and what he has so far achieved.

10. Spend your time in remembering Him. It is He who has granted you this time.

11. Be prepared all the time to return to your original abode.

12. This universe is His book; take lessons from it.

13. Remember Allah, not for some personal interest or worldly benefit, but as your Lord.

14. Consider your loyalty to His loved ones as an obligation you must always follow. [Above quotes by Shaykh Syed Ghulam Muhyuddin]


ak said...

Nice thoughts....

thanks for sharing

ALLAH aapko barkat de bui nazzaron se bachaye...

Anonymous said...

every thing in this universe owes it's existence to it's purpose, even though a thing may be very precious but if it is not fulfilling it's purpose, it's worth dustbin/garbage. The purpose of human beings is defined by none other than Allah Almighty Himself, " wa ma khalq tul jinna wal insaa illa leyabodoon" (sorry for any mistake) i.e. Allah says I have not created the jinn and humans but for the Bundagee. if one can understand to be his abed(banda) he has done his job. it is not important to die as a millionaire or a president or any other being but it is important to die as a true Ummatee of Prophet SAWS.