Friday, January 27, 2012

Pearls of wisdom 328

1. When He gives, He shows you His kindness (birr); when He deprives, He shows you His power (qadr). And in all that , He is making Himself known to you and coming to you with His gentleness.

2. Deprivation hurts you only because of the lack of your understanding of good in it.

3. When He alienates you from His creatures, then know that He wants to open for you the door of intimacy with Him.

4. When He loosens your tongue with a request, then know that He wants to give you something.

5. When He makes you submissive to His command outwardly and provide you with resignation to His power inwardly, then He has enhanced the greatness of the favor accorded you.

6. Ritual prayer is a purification for hearts and an opening-up of the door of the invisible domains.

7. He knew the existence of weakness in you, so He made the number of ritual prayers small; and He knew of your need of His grace, so He multiplied their fruitful results.

8. When He wants to show His grace to you, He creates states in you and attributes them to you.

9. How can the laws of nature be ruptured for you so that miracles result, while you, for your part, have not yet ruptured your bad habits.

10. Cling to the attributes of His Lordship and realize the attributes of your servanthood. [Above quotes by Ibn Ata Allah Iskandari]

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