Friday, December 23, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 325

1. Do not abandon the invocation (dhikr) because you do not feel the presence of God therein. For your forgetfulness of the invocation of Him is worse than your forgetfulness in the invocation of Him.

2. Perhaps He will take you from an invocation with forgetfulness to one with vigilance, and from one with vigilance to one with the presence of God (hudur), and from one with the presence of God to one wherein everything but the invoked (al-Madhkur) is absent. "And that is not difficult for God."

3. There is no minor sin (saghira) when His justice confronts you; and there is no major sin (kabira) when His grace confronts you.

4. No deed is more fruitful for the heart than the one you are not aware of and which is deemed paltry by you.

5. He only made an inspiration (warid) come upon you so that you would go to Him.

6. He made an inspiration come upon you so as to get you out of the grip of alterities (aghyar) and free you from the bondage of created beings.

7. He made an inspiration come upon you so as to take you out of the prison of your existence to the unlimited space of your contemplation.

8. Whoever does not draw near to God as as result of the caresses of love is shackled to Him with the chains of misfortune.

9. Whoever is not thankful for graces runs the risk of losing them, and whoever is thankful fetters them with their own cords.

10. Be fearful lest the existence of His generosity towards you and the permanence of your bad behavior towards Him not lead you step by step to ruin. [Above quotes by Ibn Ataillah Iskandari]

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