Friday, December 02, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 323

1. Remembrance of Him is the light of the heart, and His presence is the key to the invisible.

2. Real knowledge of what is good implies dwelling in it and real knowledge of evil implies departure from it.

3. Real prostration is the yielding of the heart to the ordinance of the Lord.

4. If anyone has faith in the divine apportionment (qisma), he should not dispute the divine wisdom (hikma).

5. There are two virtues that facilitate the way to God; mystical knowledge and love. Your love for material things renders you blind and deaf.

6. Mystical knowledge is that which has severed you everything except God and brought you back to Him.

7. Whenever the lower self (nafs) is dominant and the spirit (ruh) is subordinate, then occur drought and sterility, the whole order is overturned, and every evil befalls. So heed the guiding of Qur'an and the healing words of His Apostle.

8. Any affliction for which a hope for reward is entertained and punishment is feared, is not an affliction. An affliction for which a reward is not hoped nor a punishment is feared -- that only is an affliction.

9. O servant of God, detach yourself from converse with the lower-self, the desire of Satan, obedience to lust, and emotion of chronic illness, and you will be righteous.

10. Sustenance is divinely apportioned. It is not the piety of a pious man that increases it nor it is the impiety of an impious man that diminishes it.

11. Preserve God in the heart and He will preserve you. Keep God in mind and you will find Him in front of you. Worship God with means of purification and be of the thankful ones. [Above quotes by Shaykh Abul Hasan al- Shadhili]

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