Friday, September 09, 2011

Words of wisdom....

1. Whoever puts their trust in Allah, Allah will never disappoint them.

2. Allah's help always comes so long as one has patience and perseveres.

3. The love and dedication that parents have for their children is extra special.

4. We need to appreciate our parents while they are still with us.

5. Practicing Islam is not an obstacle to our material progress, in fact it aids our progress.

6. Never give up hope despite the odds.

7. If we work for Allah, Allah will work for us.

"Don't tell Allah how big your problems are...

tell your problems how big your Allah is"

Keep Smiling


aneebaba said...

Salaam Sister Iffath!!!

I now address you as Dr. Anees Ahmed!


Yes, my mother is very happy, overjoyed. Yet, it is also bittersweet, with the absence of my father . .

I still have the American exam so to do, so much work ahead. I certainly felt Allah's presence in Helping me through both the recent exams and the entire 6 years over which my medical studies took place.

Anyways, I was just tweeting out some of the quotes from today's lesson (with credit/mentions) and though I would update you :-) As always, Jazak'Allahu Khairan for the reminders and du'as!

Best wishes,
Br. Anees

DL3 said...

izzah said...

salaaam sis.
i have a suggestion.
what about making tags for each entry?

it would easier for me to read the contents.

may Allah bless u dear.

Mrs. Iffath Hasan said...

Assalamu alaikum brother Dr. Anees and mabruk, I am really happy for you and of course for your mom, may this happiness continue for ever and ever, may you succeed in your deen and dunya always, and I pray to Allah to make the rest of the exams that you need to take even easier than before, ameen.

aneebaba said...

Thank you so much Sr. Iffath!!!

It means so much coming from you!

Indeed, Amma is very happy, but now need to work on the next step insha'allah.

Thank you for the du'as and wishes.

I hope, with Allah's Grace I can continue to do well and reach my goals both for the Dunya and Deen.

Jazak'Allahu Khairan as always.

Br. Dr. Anees (hehe, I like how that looks and sounds, :-P )