Friday, September 23, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 316

1. When a man is satisfied with God's decrees, it is a sign that God is satisfied with him.

2. Eternal life is gained by spiritual sacrifice and by renunciation of self-interest in fulfilling God's commandments.

3. Mortification stands in the same relation to contemplation as Divine blessing to obedience.

4. There is no contemplation without mortification.

5. When you have obtained the knowledge of the lower soul, you recognize that it can be controlled by discipline.

6. When a person resigns himself to God, God protects him.

7. God has caused the prophetic evidences to remain down to the present day and has made the saints the means whereby it is manifested.

8. God is not finite that the imagination should be able to define Him or that the intellect should comprehend His nature.

9. The true object of pilgrimage is not to visit the kaaba, but to obtain contemplation in God. [Above quotes by Shaykh Ali ibn Uthman Hujwiri]


seri melati said...

firstly, i love ur blog. motivates me always, mashaAllah.
true, there is no contemplation without mortification..... and no 'muhasabah' (self-inventory) without contemplation.
barakallahu feek.

Anonymous said...

My name is islammiyyah abdulmajeed a nigerian .
mum ur blogs are motivating i wish i could meet u one of this days 2 say barakallahu feek physically cuz all ur blogs are life changing