Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....105

1. Even when people tell you there isn't any hope, there is. There is always hope, purpose, and a new magical lesson.

2. Nourishing the soul is a life long journey--------traveled day by day, that is worth making the most important focus of our lives.

3. Good lies in what God chooses.

4. Contentment is a treasury of good living and ease of life. While greed is a mine of loss and abasement.

5. The cost of change is high, but the cost of not changing may be higher.

6. Those who change in accordance with the deeper design of life will reap benefits themselves and those around them.

7. One learns by pain and experience, that one could not control everything, and that life is temporary.

8. The challenging journey of life requires honesty, integrity, perseverance, openness, and much more.

9. Life is a generous giver, let's not throw those gifts away unopened. That which seems hard "bad luck" on the surface, can be a hidden blessing.

10. Continual playing without significance will turn sour. How long can you just play golf and still respect yourself.

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