Friday, September 21, 2007


Ayahs of the Day:
Say, "Truth has arrived; and the false neither creates nor restores." Say, "If I am mistaken, I just err on my own; while if I am guided, it is by what my Lord reveals to me by inspiration, and God is listening, nearby." [34: 49,50]

Hadith of the Day:
The ones who will be considered the lowest of the low on the Day of Judgment are the two-faced who say one thing to one person and another to someone else. [Bukhari]

Wise Quote of the Day:
All human beings are essentially helpless. However, they discover an extraordinary competence by depending on the Infinite Powerful One, for this dependence transforms them from a drop into a waterfall, a particle into a sun, and a beggar to a king. [Fethullah Gulen]

Guidance of the Day:
Often, we are distracted by the past and the future. Those distractions rob us of our lives. The past is history. The future is a mirage. The past was the present. The future will be present. The only reality is now. The other way that failing manifests itself is in our tendency to put off important matters. Each activity has its own priority and place in our lives, whether it is work, prayer, leisure, exercise, or friendship. The rhythm of life helps us to give each activity its own place-----everyday-----and immerses us in the abundant life.

Life is a journey. Enjoy the journey. Whether you are setting out to become a legend, a hero, a champion, a star, a leader, or a saint------enjoy the journey. If you do not enjoy life, you will be no good to anybody. The destination, the victory, the achievement------these last only a moment, and then they fade like the morning dew from the grass into little more than pleasant memories. Success is not a destination--------it is a journey.

The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. The joy is not in the destination; the joy is in the journey. If you cannot find peace in the journey, you will not find peace in the destination. Our passion, enthusiasm, and excitement should be for the journey. Don't put off important things using a destination, or an achievement, as an excuse. Take it easy. Slow and steady. Let things have their place. Be present in your life. It is an amazing and rare gift. [Kelly, Rhythm of Life]

Food for Thought:
The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it. Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment. It is not so much where you live, as how you live, and whether good flows from you through your neighborhood.

The Lord Almighty ordained, "Find leisure for My service and I shall fill your hearts with peace and enrich you in bounty,"[al Hadith al Qudsi]

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