Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Ayahs of the Day:
Whenever We sent a Prophet to a town, We took up its people in suffering and adversity, in order that they might learn humility. Then We changed their suffering into prosperity, until they grew and multiplied, and began to say: "Our fathers (too) were touched by suffering and affluence." So We seized them suddenly while they did not even notice it. [7: 94,95]

Hadith of the Day:
No man forsakes a Muslim when his rights are being violated or his honor is belittled except that Allah will forsake him at a place in which he would love to have His help. [Abu Dawood & Ahmad]

Wise Quote of the Day:
There is nothing in this world except that its end is a cause for grief and regret. Ours is an age where action is abandoned and mere speech is celebrated, where action is left behind and mere information is exulted over. [Abu Hazim Makki]

Guidance of the Day:
Backbiting is to say things about a person, in his absence, which he would have resented had he been present, whether it be verbal, written, or indicated. The Prophet (may blessings and peace be upon him), has said: 'Every part of a Muslim is sacrosanct with regard to other Muslims: his blood, his wealth, and his honor.' And: 'Backbiting is worse than adultery.' God revealed to Moses, peace be upon him: 'The one who dies having repented of his backbiting will be the last to enter the Garden, and the one who dies persisting in it will be the first to enter the Fire'.

Beware of injustice, for it will be darkness on the Day of Rising, especially injustice to others, which is never left alone by God. Therefore, if you ever wrong anyone, hasten to emerge from the situation by submitting to punishment if it is a legal offense, asking to be absolved if it is a matter of honor, and returning to what you have taken if it is a financial injustice.

If you find yourself altogether unable to make reparations for some of your injustices, then seek refuge in God with sincerity, urgency, and an acknowledgment of your powerlessness, that He may get your adversary to accept you; also pray in abundance and ask for forgiveness for those whom you have wronged. [The Book of Assistance]

Food for Thought:
The trials and tests are mercy from Allah. This is why scholars do not see these situations as completely bad, the clouds of trial and difficulty are so often lined with the silver of turning to Allah, and themselves bring showers of subsequent ease.

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