Monday, July 09, 2018

18 Signs of Maturity....

How mature are we?

1. Maturity is when we stop trying to change people and instead focus on changing ourself.

2. Maturity is when somebody hurts us and we try to understand their situation instead of
trying to hurt them back.

3. Maturity is when we accept people for who they are.

4. Maturity is when we understand that everyone is right in their own perspective.

5. Maturity is when we realize nothing is more important in this world than us and our

6. Maturity is when we understand that whatever we do, we do for our own peace.

7. Maturity is when we stop proving to the world how intelligent we are.

8. Maturity is when we focus on positives in people.

9. Maturity is when we do not seek approval from others.

10. Maturity is when we stop comparing ourselves to others.

11. Maturity is when we are at peace with ourself.

12. Maturity is when we can differentiate between Need and Want, and we can let
go of our wants.

13. Maturity is when we stop attaching Happiness to material things.

14. Maturity is when we learn to Let go, accept the situations and move on.

15. Maturity is when we don't react to the behavior of insane people.

16. Maturity is when we are able to drop expectations from a relationship and
give for the sake of giving.

17. Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten our
peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals and self-worth.

18. Maturity is when we have a lot to say, but we choose to remain silent in front of fools.


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Unknown said...

mashallah beautiful explanation about Maturity..Jazakallahu khairan fiddarain for sharing��.May Allah bless you with best of both worlds aameeen summa aameen

Anonymous said...

JazakAllah khair to you for appreciating and spreading the word.