Tuesday, August 02, 2016

In the shade of faith....

Faith is the only shade from the scorching heat of life's calamities.
You will not find shelter outside of faith when the desert sun is at its peak,
bearing  down pushing you into the dusty ground.
You will not find a drink cooler than reliance on Allah when your throat
is dry and your breathing is labored.
You will not find a resting place on this difficult journey safer than the
piece of ground that you pray.

You need belief in Allah more than your lungs need air.
You need hope in His mercy and trust in His wisdom
more than your heart needs to keep beating.
You need His remembrance more than you need your
limbs, your eyesight, or your hearing.

You need to worship Him more than you need to be alive.
What is the purpose of life -- the purpose of air in your
lungs and the blood pumping through your veins -- if the
essence of your soul is already dead.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
"He who remembers his Lord and he who does not
remember his Lord are like the living and the dead."

[Temporary Gift by Asmaa Hussein]

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