Monday, July 20, 2015

Beautiful duas....

Dua is not just asking, it is a longing of the soul. It is
a daily admission of one's weakness before the Almighty.

It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than
words without a heart.

O Allah, make our love for You the most beloved thing to us,
and our fear for You the most fearful thing to us.

O Allah, Remove from us all worldly needs and wants,
by instilling a passion for meeting You,

O Allah, when You have given the people of the world the
pleasures of this world, give us pleasure in worshipping

O Allah, Please don't let us turn away from You, no matter
how many trials You test us with, let these difficulties
serve to make us close to You.

O Allah, grant us the best of company as our friends --
those who will inspire us to love and worship and obey You.

O Allah, grant us a heart that loves to obey You.

O Allah, shine Your light on any secret or unseen rebellion in our
hearts and destroy it before it takes root.

O Allah, guide us away from any pride, selfishness, jealousy,
hypocrisy, malice, and greed and make us uncomfortable with sins.

O Allah, penetrate our hearts with Your love and reverence today and always.

O Allah, make apparent to us the truth in any situation and let them not be
misled by falsehood.

O Allah, grant us the ability to make clear decisions and let us always be attracted
to good things that are pure, noble, true and just.

O Allah, guide us in making choices that please You.

O Allah, help us to taste the sweetness of walking with a humble spirit in obedience and
submission to You.

O Allah, grant us the wisdom to choose our words carefully and bless us with a generous
and caring spirit.

O Allah, we pray that we never stray from the path of deen and that You give us a future
filled with Your best promises.

O Allah, always keep us cleansed and pure from the evil Satan.

O Allah, keep us steadfast in establishing Salah and help us revere the Glorious Quran as
Your Word and Law and help us read it with understanding daily, let it be our source of light
and guidance, ameen.

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Anonymous said...

Ameen! Beautiful and thank you for posting!