Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pearls of Wisdom 354

1. Love the Holy Prophet because he makes it possible for you to be human.

2. He that considers a part of Sunnah to be small is uninterested in the Prophetic light.

3. If your birth is humble, let the Sunnah make you a noble man. If your birth is noble, endure that your acts are not less so.

4. Anyone can fear His law, but they only love it who are close to Him.

5. He that is close to God is saturated with love and acceptance, he that is far from Him burns in the hell of anger and anxiety.

6. See with God's light, and happiness will never desert you.

7. If you wish to be settled remember God properly..

8. Even if you cannot live simply, be sure to enjoy simple pleasures the most.

9. Misery is only for those without hope.

10. Forgiveness is only complete when you love those who have given you the opportunity to be forgiving. [Abdul Hakim Murad]

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