Friday, March 21, 2014

Pearls of Wisdom 349

1. Rein in your tongue from complaining about others, and you will be granted a life of happiness.

2. The reward for every virtue has its measure, yet the reward for patience has no measure.

3. Your fear of Allah is commensurate of what you know of Him, and your lack of fear regarding Him is commensurate with your ignorance of Him.

4. You are determined to lose yourself in the baggage of this world, while the world is equally determined to remove you from itself.

5. Taking pains to remove the pains of others is the true essence of generosity.

6. The heart is dead, but its living again lies in knowledge; Knowledge too is dead, but its living again lies in the seeking after it.

7. Erase old sins with new virtues.

8. The amount of knowledge which suffices the believer is that which keeps him in awe of the Divine.

9. Man knows he is weak, yet how strange that he continues to disobey the One Who is strongest of all. [Abu Bakr Siddiq radi Allah anhu]

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What's the sources?