Monday, August 26, 2013

Pearls of Wisom 336

1. Your acquisitions have been placed at your disposal as a trial and a test.

2. When the heart becomes sound and draws close to the nearness of the Lord of Truth, He causes rivers of wisdom to flow through it.

3. The people of the Lord are not attached to this world. This world offers itself to them but they reject it.

4. The Lord of Truth makes things difficult for His servant, in order to bring him back to Himself and so that he will not attach himself to the creatures.

5. When He draws you near and puts you to the test, you must accept His tribulation with good grace, otherwise He will keep you fully occupied with your suffering.

6. The craving for worldly things makes you too disturbed to experience your nearness to Allah and interferes with your patient endurance of misfortune.

7. Anyone who does not fear Allah must have no common sense. A town without a police force will go to ruins. Flocks without shepherd would be devoured.

8. Religion is fear. A person who is afraid will be on the move at night; he does not stay put in one place, but keeps moving.

9. When you are ready to abstain from the things of this world, it will be easy for you to give them away.

10. The goal of the travels of the people (of the Lord) is nearness of the Lord of Truth. The journey of their hearts, the journey of their inner most being. [Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jillani]

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