Monday, August 12, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom 335

1. Sincere devotion (Ikhlas) also means forgetting to notice one's fellow creature (khalq), through paying constant attention to the Creator (khaliq).

2. Make frequent practice of remembering death and what lies beyond it, and the narrow bridge (sirat) and what lies beyond it.

3. Remember the hereafter with its bliss and torment.

4. Become detached from this world by concentrating on Allah Almighty, by purifying your hearts and inner most being, by struggling against your lower selves and waging war on the devil.

5. Be liberated for the sake of Allah (Exalted is He) and devote yourselves wholly to Him.

6. Every step you take is a step toward the grave. You are on a journey to the grave.

7. He who really knows Allah is too occupied with the One he knows to be concerned with acceptance or rejection, praise or blame.

8. When the servant is conscientiously devoted to Allah Almighty, He rewards him by converting ignorance into knowledge, remoteness into nearness, silence into spoken recognition, loneliness into intimate friendship, and darkness into light.

9. Supreme knowledge is fear of Allah, cheerful acceptance of the decree of Allah, and love for Allah.

10. The heart must eliminate the materiality of the lower self, so that you use it as a vehicle for your journey back to Allah. [Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jillani]

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