Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Ramadan -- let us resolve to bring the true jihad in our lives......

1. Jihad is the struggle to remove all those things from one's life that incur Allah's displeasure, and to replace them with those things that will gain His acceptance.

2. Jihad is the struggle against one's inner self and it's bestial inclinations. It is this struggle, in fact, which the Prophet of Islam (Allah's blessings and peace upon him) dubbed "the greater jihad."

3. Jihad is the struggles against the villains in our hearts which include: arrogance, avarice, pettiness, selfishness, jealousy, greed, self-delusions, and vain passions.

4. Jihad is the struggle to replace the villains in our hearts with goodly traits, such as mercy, honor, humbleness, generosity, gentleness, dignity, love, and other qualities that are aptly described as "heavenly."

5. Jihad is the struggle to fulfill the rights and responsibilities of one's family as well as those who are close, such as neighbors and relatives, to make sure that one does not harm them either with his hand or tongue.

6. Jihad is the struggle to forgive the wrongs of others, to overlook their misgivings, and hide their faults.

7. Jihad is the struggle to help the needy, the orphan, the widow, and the homeless by sacrificing our wealth.

8. Jihad is to show love and gentleness to our young ones, and respect and dignity to our elders.

9. Jihad is to protect the honor and property of every single member of society, whether man or woman.

10. Jihad is the struggle to speak out against injustice, to help the victims of oppressions, to ensure that everyone is given just measure, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion.

11. Jihad is to submit our will to Our Creator, thereby achieving peace and unity with the rest of the cosmos in celebrating His Majesty and Glory.

12. Jihad is ultimately that struggle in which we are willing to give our lives in the name of Allah so that these ideals will endure and bring peace and justice to countless others, thus truly bringing the harmony of the heavens down the earth.


Kevin Smith said...

This is truly beautiful and I thank you for posting such wonderful words.
I am not a Muslim, but I wish to revert to Islam.

When non-Muslims see the word Jihad, it has connotations of Holy War against the West and any non-believers, but your post has given me much inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you once again,

Kevin Smith

Mrs. Iffath Hasan said...

This blessed day of Ramadan your comment has really made my day -- May Almighty Allah open your heart for Islam, and soon you be our brother in Islam, ameen.


Sabeel said...

Brother Kevin,
I also enjoyed this truly inspiring article written by Mrs. Iffath Hasan.

Kevin, we are glad to know that you wish to embrace Islam. Here a good way to move forward to formally embrace Islam:

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How to convert to Islam and become a Muslim:

Feel free to contact Mrs. Iffath or contact info@Gainpeace.com for any questions.

Sabeel Ahmed

Linda Chester said...

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