Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom 334

1. Once a person said to a dervish, "All I ask for is a small dwelling in Paradise."
 The dervish replied, "If you displayed the same contentment with what you already have in this world, you would have found ultimate bliss."

2. Do not strut proudly on account of your good deeds. Do not let pride waylay you. When you deem yourself holier than others, know that you have fallen into grave error because in your pride you believed yourself equal to God.

3. In separation from God you have become arrogant; pay heed before His scourge strikes you down. Do not exult because of your good fortune. Over and again God admonishes you with the examples of the transgressors before you. If you really want to enjoy the limitless bounty of Allah, surrender yourselves before His will and endure all afflictions with fortitude.

4. O my people prove the sincerity of your respect for the Qur'an by putting its teachings into practice, not by arguing about it.

5. Whenever hearts abound in knowledge, they draw nearer to their Lord (Almighty and Glorious), whenever a heart contains love of this world, it is screened from Allah.

6. Obedient service to Allah (Almighty and Glorious) is performed by the heart, not the outer mold.

7. Devotion to one's religious duty (taqwa) is the foundation of all that is good, it is a source of worldly benefit, a source of wisdom and all kinds of knowledge, of purity of heart and many secrets.

8. The heart is enlivened only when it receives the seed of the affirmation of oneness from a living heart. [Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jillani]

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