Friday, May 31, 2013

Should the Muslim abandon an action due to the fear of Riya?

Leaving an action out of fear of falling into 'riya‘ is one of the biggest mistakes and ways of falling into the trap of Shaytaan.

If the intent and motive for an action is correct and righteous and if it is in agreement with what has been legislated then the action should never be abandoned due to the presence of the danger of  riya‘.

Rather it is obligatory upon the Muslim to strive against this threat and danger.

 This is achieved by making his heart cling to modesty in front of Allah and fear of Him,

 and changing the praise and admiration of creation-
for His praise and admiration.

Fudayl ibn Ayyad (radiallaahu ‘anhu) said:-

 ‘Doing an action for the sake of people is shirk and leaving an action for the sake of people is riya’.

Ikhlas is when Allah saves us from
them both.

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