Friday, November 30, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom....321

1. You may have wealth, O mighty monarch,
     but it is other than you; one day it will be gone.
     Become your own fortune, O chosen one,
     before you are left destitute.
     Seek the bounty within yourself;
     when you are the bounty,
     how can you lose yourself?

2. If you desire light, be ready to receive light.
    Nurture vainglory and become separated
    from light. If you long for a way out of this prison,
    bow down in worship and draw near.

3. I surrender myself to no other god but God.
    If He desires my bloodshed,
    then so be it! I have no fear.
    I may be disgraced in your world;
    before God honor will be mine.
    A laughing stock in the eyes of the world,
   in God eyes cherished and acclaimed.

4. God asked, "What did you earn in your term
    of respite?" When he heard these words in his
    prayer, from shame he bent downward in complete
    awe. From shame he could stand no more; with
    knees bent he prostrated himself and glorified God.

5. What did you accomplish in your life?
    How did you consume your sustenance and strength?
    Where did you lose the luster of your eyes?
    Where did you lose all the five senses?
    I gave you bounty. Where is your gratitude?
    I gave you the capital. Come show Me the interest. [Mawlana Rumi]

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